We have 3 former Community College Carpentry Instructors (and current working carpenters…) that have put together a comprehensive refresher program to help working Carpenters and Apprentices gain the skills they need to challenge the I.T.A. Exam and get their Red Seal Certification.

Integrated Carpentry Tutorials Intro

We cover the 7 Modules required by the CCDA Inter Provincial Red Seal Exam:


  1. Common Occupational Skills
  2. Planning and Layout
  3. Concrete
  4. Framing
  5. Exterior Finish
  6. Interior Finish
  7. Renovations

The course costs $1,200.00 and consists of a minimum of 8 hours of instruction per module. * Any student who feels they need extra or remedial instruction can work one-on-one with me during the week. And, any student who has paid and attended a module can come back and re-sit that module as an added refresher, should some time elapse before they write the exam!

There are 4 options available: Weekend courses,
3 Day Courses, Weekday Courses and Camp Courses.

Weekend Course:
3 Consecutive Weekends:
Saturday: 8- 4:30 PM,
Sunday 8-4:30 PM
Three Day Course:
Friday: 8- 4:30 PM,
Saturday: 8- 4:30 PM,
Sunday 8-4:30 PM
Weekday Course: Monday~Saturday: 8:00~4:30
Camp Course: via Skype / FaceTime

All resource & reference material will be provided. Candidates will be required to provide their own rafter framing square, (with the Rafter Tables stamped into the blade), a tape measure, and a non-programmable/non-trade specific calculator like the Sharp EL 520 WBB or the Sharp EL 520 X.

We also strongly recommend that where possible, you take the course with a friend.  Not only with this help you to stay motivated to challenge the exam, there is a real bonus studying material with a partner.  The peer-mentoring aspect that invariably happens when you study with a friend leads to a quicker grasp of the material for both candidates.

This course is not a “magic bullet”. Due to recent changes to the content and complexity of the exam by the ITA; it is now a University Level exam. You will need to be focused, committed and motivated to move through the course and successfully challenge the exam. If you can do that, we can do the rest!

Testimonial: Daniel Martin Kamloops, BC

"I was trying to find a refresher course for carpentry so I could challenge the Interprovincial for five or six years. Finally I came across Integrated Carpentry Tutorials, and I gave Richard Dickenson a call and next thing I know, I am in a class with seven or eight...

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Testimonial: Vance Gushulak

"An outstanding program, Richard uses his experience as both a seasoned foreman and carpenter as well as teaching instructor in a manner that helps translate the familiar job site practicality into the paperwork and exam work that the ITA requires. He masterfully...

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New Partnership with Musqueam First Nation

Richard Dickenson will be in Vancouver teaching at the Musqueam First Nation Training Centre, April 23rd through April 26th. Students are then welcome to join me on a Practicum for 2 days (April 27th & 28th) doing Exterior Finishes on a commercial construction site in...

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Testimonial: Todd Wickenheiser – Suddwick Homes

In 2011, Suddwick Homes International Ltd was commissioned to build a significant resort home on an exclusive private ocean front property located just north on Campbell River. As this was considered a remote project for Suddwick, with somewhat limited selection of known trades and carpenters, Suddwick mobilized in the town of Campbell River bringing with it a selected crew of Journeyman carpenters. To fulfill our complement of crews we looked further on Island for a contact to supply well trained, and dedicated junior carpenter / apprentices.

This was our first introduction to Richard Dickenson. Having a great depth of teaching carpentry in this region and enthusiasm for his present and past students, Richard was instrumental in placing 4 apprentices with our company. All students carried great regard and respect for the Carpentry Trade, and I believe this was a true reflection on the “Teachings and Mentoring “of Richard.

More recently, myself being a career carpenter turned Builder and Project Manager, decided to finally solidify and give respect to the Trade of Carpentry, by completing my education and ultimately writing the Red Seal examination. I again contacted Richard in this regard, and was pleasantly surprised that he had set up a continuing education course for this purpose. Like most of us, I am very busy with business and life, but found Richard’s ability to ascertain what sections of the course material I lacked knowledge of, and tailor his course accordingly. His small group setting and his enthusiasm for the material encouraged participation and thus increased absorption of course content. Every lesson I felt I had increased my level of understanding. Even after 20 plus years on the tools, there is still much to learn. Richard truly understands this, and applies this respect for the student’s previous commitment to the trade, and builds on it.

My time for studies was short with Richard, I believe I attended 5 sessions; they were approximately 6 hours each. Proud to report a score of 82 Percent on the exam.

I would recommend Richard without question, as a quality educator and proponent for the trade of Carpentry.

Todd Wickenheiser
Suddwick Homes International Ltd.

Testimonial: Daniel Martin Kamloops, BC

“I was trying to find a refresher course for carpentry so I could challenge the Interprovincial for five or six years. Finally I came across Integrated Carpentry Tutorials, and I gave Richard Dickenson a call and next thing I know, I am in a class with seven or eight other guys learning the goods on how to get through this exam.

Richard taught us what we needed to know about Building Code, Critical Thinking and a whole lot of Construction Math, which he made easy to understand. Got through the course and I was ready to write. I did not do as well as l had hoped, but I stayed in touch with Richard and he put the course on again in Kamloops. He invited me and the other guys to sit in again at no charge to us, for those of us did who did not get to write or pass the first time because of the forest fires.

Well great news for all of us in that course ~ we ALL passed with good numbers! Richard is the guy you need to contact if you want to get your Red Seal. He helped me and others out with lots of phone calls and Skyping. He was always there to help us, two years after we took the original course

Thanks a lot Richard!!”

Daniel Martin, Kamloops, BC

Testimonial: Vance Gushulak

“An outstanding program, Richard uses his experience as both a seasoned foreman and carpenter as well as teaching instructor in a manner that helps translate the familiar job site practicality into the paperwork and exam work that the ITA requires. He masterfully evaluates the students personalities and learning styles and adapts to work with them while moving the course forward in a smooth manner. A major confidence booster for everyone involved, this course is very highly recommended for any challengers. Thank you Richard for helping me receive my red seal!”

Vance Gushulak

Testimonial: Eric Blair

Eric Blair- Red Seal


Got my $2K Certification Grant today!
Sent you the rest of yer money!

Thanks so much for allowing me to take your course!
I wouldn’t be a Red Seal without it!
I’m currently using my Red Seal to change careers and do something different!
But I wouldn’t be able to do that without your help!”

~Eric Blair, Rossland, BC

Testimonial: Darren McKenna, Manchester, UK


“A big thank you to Richard Dickenson for getting me through the Red Seal Exam-!
All of the course was done via Skype, as I live in the UK.
If it wasn’t for this course I would have been lost.

Richard was always on hand to answer any questions I had and I really enjoyed the course, as it was very informative.
Richard is 1 of us~ he is a working Carpenter with a vast knowledge of the trade and is not adverse to passing on his knowledge.
All done in a language I could understand with a lot of humour chucked in for good measure.
If you need to pass this Exam please get the help of Richard, as his approach to passing this exam is, “if you need help he will help you succeed”. It was a lot of hard work, but Richard was there every step of the way.

I’m now looking forward to emigrating to Canada with my family, & with me passing this Exam, it hopefully will make the process much easier.

Thanks again for a great course Richard~!! It was great to finally meet you in person~!”

Darren McKenna Red Seal Testimonial

Testimonial: Jim Lagos

Hello Richard~ I thought I would give you an update as to what I am doing. I have a l
Limited Company, and I will have been in business for 25 years in June.
I am registered with the HPO and I have all my certifications for a Registered Homebuilder.

Since getting certified through your course as a Red Seal Interprovincial Carpenter, I have signed up to the CMAW Carpenter’s Union and I have the option to go to the Site C Peace River Dam Project .

Since getting my Red Seal, I also took a course with North Island College and got accepted into the ACFC union for working in the TV and movie industry. I actually got a job offer to work down in Parksville on the “Chesapeake Shores” TV program.

I have not decided what direction I want to take. I just wanted to let you know that getting my Red Seal has given me a range of choices of what I do.

I have not been happy building houses for a number years I make a good living but it’s time for a change and thanks to you, I have the ability to make that change.

Thanks again Richard and take care.

Sincerely Yours,

Jim Lagos, Campbell River, BC

Testimonial: Alex McClelland, Vancouver, BC

“Richard & the Integrated Carpentry Tutorials program takes a unique approach to teaching & structure, catering to the mindset of today’s tradesperson. Before attending Richard’s class, I had written the Interprovincial exam a few times & was missing the passing mark by 1 - 3%. After coupling the I.C.T. program with diligent studying, as per the National Occupational Analysis for Carpentry (found on www.red-seal.ca), I was able to rewrite the exam & even surpass my set goal! Richard’s course & teaching methods put my test anxiety at ease & helped me pass the final hurdle in my apprenticeship, opening up a number of new opportunities to further my career & my skillset.”

~Alex McClelland, Vancouver, BC – February, 2018

Michael Moore, Vancouver, BC

Hi Richard-I want to thank you for the course, the best money I have spent in a long time. Looking back on how the exam went, I can see why you taught us to navigate the National Building Code the way you did. It made me very confident as the exam unfolded. It feels good to finally have my RED SEAL. I will continue to recommend your course to my colleagues. Thanks again! - Michael Moore, Vancouver, BC. ~June, 2017.

Bill Johnstone – UBC Local 2499 Secretary / Treasurer

Richard Dickenson delivers a great product. The course material is designed to provide the students with all the information they need to succeed at the exam. That being said, it’s how he structures and delivers the material that is the key to the success of the course.

While in no way dumbing down the course, he de-mythologizes it, lessing the intimidation the exam can cause in workers long out of school.

He was able to foster an in-class environment that let students gain the confidence to share mistakes and peer mentor each other, and provide plenty of one-to-one tutoring.

I know, this sounds like a promotional brochure. It was meant to.

From Local 2499’s perspective, we have helped 2 member gain certification; we acquired 2 new members (and counting) and built positive relationships with a dozen local carpenters. And, the publicity has also been great, branding the local as proactive and engaged in the territory.

We have reinforced ties with First Nations and their members. I don’t think I can overemphasize the need for (and benefit of) this type of course in the ‘Communities’. We have also initiated a relationship with the Yukon Department of Advanced Education that could be fruitful. There was great enthusiasm for this course in the department as it specifically addresses the training bottleneck they have identified, namely that there aren’t enough journeyman carpenters to take on and sign off on apprentices. In short, there is strong demand for this program and Richard’s course fits the bill perfectly. We are going to continue offering the course as long as there i demand and he is willing to offer it.

I strongly recommend BCRCC do the same as I’m sure the demographics are the same in lotus-land.

Bill Johnstone,
Secretary Treasurer,
UBC Local 2499
Whitehorse, YT

Bill Johnstone Testimonial

Colin Motiuk

Hey Richard~ Thanks for staying on top of things. Im so happy to finally have my Red Seal. In fact less than a week after receiving my marks I was promoted to General Foreman. Your class definitely reinforced my knowledge and honed my skills specifically for that test. I am truly grateful for the experience!!