We have 3 former Community College Carpentry Instructors (and current working carpenters…) that have put together a comprehensive refresher program to help working Carpenters and Apprentices gain the skills they need to challenge the I.T.A. Exam and get their Red Seal Certification.

Integrated Carpentry Tutorials Intro

We cover the 7 Modules required by the CCDA Inter Provincial Red Seal Exam:


  1. Common Occupational Skills
  2. Planning and Layout
  3. Concrete
  4. Framing
  5. Exterior Finish
  6. Interior Finish
  7. Renovations

The course costs $1,200.00 and consists of a minimum of 8 hours of instruction per module. * Any student who feels they need extra or remedial instruction can work one-on-one with me during the week. And, any student who has paid and attended a module can come back and re-sit that module as an added refresher, should some time elapse before they write the exam!

There are 4 options available: Weekend courses,
3 Day Courses, Weekday Courses and Camp Courses.

Weekend Course:
3 Consecutive Weekends:
Saturday: 8- 4:30 PM,
Sunday 8-4:30 PM
Three Day Course:
Friday: 8- 4:30 PM,
Saturday: 8- 4:30 PM,
Sunday 8-4:30 PM
Weekday Course: Monday~Saturday: 8:00~4:30
Camp Course: via ZOOM / FaceTime

All resource & reference material will be provided. Candidates will be required to provide their own rafter framing square, (with the Rafter Tables stamped into the blade), a tape measure, and a non-programmable/non-trade specific calculator like the Sharp EL 520 WBB or the Sharp EL 520 X.

We also strongly recommend that where possible, you take the course with a friend.  Not only with this help you to stay motivated to challenge the exam, there is a real bonus studying material with a partner.  The peer-mentoring aspect that invariably happens when you study with a friend leads to a quicker grasp of the material for both candidates.

This course is not a “magic bullet”. Due to recent changes to the content and complexity of the exam by the ITA; it is now a University Level exam. You will need to be focused, committed and motivated to move through the course and successfully challenge the exam. If you can do that, we can do the rest!

Testimonial: Pat Toronchuk, Toronto, ON (ZOOM)

I struggled with the test on my first try so I reached out to Richard for help. I jumped into a couple of group lessons he had going on and quickly got caught up. He is knowledgable and able to teach what he knows effectively. After a couple of ZOOM sessions with...

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New Partnership with Musqueam First Nation

New Partnership with Musqueam First Nation

Richard Dickenson will be in Vancouver teaching at the Musqueam First Nation Training Centre, April 23rd through April 26th. Students are then welcome to join me on a Practicum for 2 days (April 27th & 28th) doing Exterior Finishes on a commercial construction site in...

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Testimonial: Ryan and Jessica Haskell Victoria, BC (ZOOM)

Hi Richard,

2463-A Rosewall Crescent,
Courtenay, BC V9N 8R9

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for assisting Ryan in receiving his Red Seal. As you know Ryan had been out of school for many years and needed a brush up on exam material. He registered for your course in the spring with hopes of passing his exam this past summer.

Things didn’t quite work out the first go-round and Ryan wasn’t sure if he even wanted to try again. I think there are many trades people that struggle with tests and give up because this disappointment is very hard to handle. Through long afternoon phone calls, ZOOM sessions, in-person study sessions and many, many encouraging conversations, Ryan obtained his Red Seal.

The ZOOM sessions are amazing and personal even if there are 4-5 people on them. The in-person sessions are fun and interactive and you break everything down for many different learning types. We would highly recommend this course and the mentorship that you provide to anyone looking to complete their Red Seal.
Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family.

Ryan and Jessica Haskell Victoria, BC

Testimonial: Shayd Margan (#50) Vancouver, BC (ZOOM)

After moving from New Zealand to Vancouver 3 years ago, I fell short
on points when I applied for my Permanent Residency. I found that if I
sat my Red Seal Exam (and Passed) my points would put me 4
Levels above where I was and make me more eligible.
I sat the Exam and failed. I was given Richard’s number by two
different friends and rang him straight away. I benefitted from both
going to the Island (where Richard hosted me) and from using his
Live Stream Online ZOOM platform. His knowledge of carpentry, the
construction industry and the Building Code here in Canada is

Rich continued to be on-hand answering the phone anytime of the
day for the following weeks leading up to my Exam. You can really
tell that he takes great pride in helping other tradesmen better our
carpentry journey.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to challenge
the IP Exam for furthering your career and helping open up many
more doors in our industry.

Cheers again Rich~!!

Shayd Margan (#50)
Vancouver, BC

Testimonial: Mike Marinus, BC (ZOOM)

Richard was an awesome instructor. His years of experience in the trade and teaching definitely show. He was very knowledgeable and helpful in focusing my studies.

I found taking the course through ZOOM to be convenient, as I was able to study and participate from the comfort of my home. What else can I say, I passed the exam and finished my Apprenticeship and am now a Red Seal Journeyman Carpenter.

Thx again for all your help.

Mike Marinus, Victoria, BC

Testimonial: Pat Toronchuk, Toronto, ON (ZOOM)

I struggled with the test on my first try so I reached out to Richard for help. I jumped into a couple of group lessons he had going on and quickly got caught up. He is knowledgable and able to teach what he knows effectively. After a couple of ZOOM sessions with Richard, I passed the exam the second time with ease. I will be directing all other apprentices to him in the future!

Pat Toronchuk, Toronto, ON.

Testimonial: Rochelle Relyea, BC (ZOOM)

Richard is my “CODE Yoda”. He made the Construction Math simple and easy to understand. If you’re looking for an Instructor who will take you to the Red Seal finish line, Richard is the Real Deal. Attending via ZOOM was a breeze.

Thanks again, Richard.

Rochelle Relyea, Victoria, BC

Testimonial: Pascal LeSage, Manitoba (ZOOM)

“Richard puts on a great class to prep anyone for the IP Exam. I was planning on going there in person to take the class because I didnt think the ZOOM class would be personal enough but I was wrong. The ZOOM classes were a great way to learn from the comfort of of my own home. I had a clear view of the board Richard was writing on and discussions were easy to follow. I encourage anyone to go this route.”

~Pascal LeSage, Manitoba

TESTIMONIAL: Travis Harrison (ZOOM)

I took Richard Dickenson’s Carpenter Red Seal Refresher course in May 2019, this course was a difference maker-!! He made the course available on ZOOM, which was PERFECT for the people from out of town…saving both time and money in travel. Using ZOOM did not take away from a “classroom environment”.

Richards knowledge of the type of questions on the test, the wording of questions and the navigation of the Building Code book is unparalleled to any “school” training one may receive.
I would say this course is a MUST for anybody preparing to write their Red Seal Exam.

Thanks Richard-!

Travis Harrison
Vancouver, BC

Testimonial: Jason LeBlanc (ZOOM)

My name is Jason LeBlanc, a Carpenter from Toronto, Ontario. I have been in the carpentry trade for 14 years and like many of my peers, I started my own company and put finishing the Apprenticeship on the back burner.

I finally got my act in gear and got approval by O.C.O.T to challenge the Red Seal Exam. Perfect! But, I realized I haven’t been in a class room for over 10 years, I realized without help there was no way I was going to pass the Red Seal Exam. I began the search for courses, info, reading materials, anything in my area to assist in my prep, and I found nothing.

Through some searching on the internet I came across ICT and reached out and got in contact with Richard, and after speaking with him on the phone I was convinced this was the course I needed in order to prepare myself properly for the challenge ahead. The only thing that worried me was he was in BC and I was in Toronto, so the course would be done through ZOOM.

Once the course started my worries were gone. The ZOOM sessions worked amazing, it gave me the classroom format with the comforts of home, we all got to interact with Richard one-on-one and also had the ability to have class discussions, all while my lunch cooked in the stove~!

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that, without Richard’s course, I would have never passed the Red Seal. And not only Pass, but I have a “fridge worthy” Test Result to show off. I am confident if someone takes this course and puts in the Prep time before the course begins (which Richard provides) and follows Richard’s instructions on how to tackle the Test, you will Pass! Put in the work, follow the format!

Can’t thank Richard enough and will recommend him with confidence to any of my peers.


Jason LeBlanc Red seal Carpenter


After failing my first attempt at the Red Seal Carpentry Exam by just a few points, I was back at studying but unsure where to start. The Carpentry Program Coordinator suggested I give Richard Dickenson a call and see if he could help me with my rewrite preparation.

Richard was very accommodating to my schedule, as I was back to work and had only one more week till my rewrite. After our first ZOOM session, it was very apparent that this was the right decision. Not only was Richards knowledge in the trade itself very valuable, but the speed and efficiency we covered the material in was amazing. After just two ZOOM sessions we had covered all the areas I had struggled in and gained a better understanding on how to read and write the test more effectively.

I can confidently say Richard’s course provided me with new skills to pass my rewrite. I would highly recommend his course to anyone preparing for the Red Seal Exam.

Ryan McLaren Whitehorse, YT

Testimonial: Tyran Hunter (ZOOM)

My Name is Tyran Hunter, and this year I was able to finallyachieve my Red Seal Certification, Thanks to Richard Dickenson and his course!

I had had trouble with my first and second attempt at the exam despite my best efforts to study, well in advance. Obviously this was a hit to my confidence, in my study ability and more importantly my confidence as a carpenter.

I was working in Camp at the time and Richard explained that he could still help me despite being in different towns and working shift work, over ZOOM.

Richard Mailed me all the material I needed quickly and we began setting up ZOOM times for me to sit in on his real world classes. I was able to hear what he was teaching, see what he was drawing/writing, ask questions, be asked questions and follow along with him as he explained things in greater detail. As close to actually being there as one possibly could.

Thanks to this option I was able to stay working and still get the classroom experience that anyone else taking the course would get. Any portion of the course I could not be there via ZOOM, Richard kept track of and ensured that i was able to go over any missed portion of recommended class time another week.

My experience with Richard was of the highest quality and he has good character to boot. he made sure that I Received the help I needed to finally get a pass grade of the exam and most importantly help me realize that that was not my skills or knowledge in the field that were lacking it was my interpretation of the questions themselves and gave he me a system to understand.

I would recommend this Course to the people that matter most to me knowing they would be in good hands. Thank you Richard for having this option you are helping change peoples lives for themselves and their families

Thank you. Sincerely,

Tyran Hunter
Along The Journey Contracting