Many years prior to enrolling in Richard’s course, my lack of confidence, anxiety and more than 1 failed attempt, discouraged me from attempting to write my IP again. I made excuses why my IP was not important and convinced myself it was not necessary to have my Red Seal to be successful in my career.

After hearing amazing things about Richard’s program, I thought I would push one last time. Richard helped restore the confidence I needed to go into my last write knowing I had everything I needed to knock it out of the park.

The man knows what he is doing and his approach is not intimidating, he encourages an environment that creates an open dialogue which makes it easy to participate and have you feeling grateful to be a part of it. It’s clear he is passionate, he will more than match your commitment and he will continue to provide that support during, as well as after, you have succeeded (which, without a doubt you will).

I have no need to take the course again.. but if for some reason I had to… I would happily invite the opportunity to do it again.

Thanks again.

-Jason Conrad,
Victoria, BC