Richard’s course has helped me accomplish a dream and goal I had for myself for a very long time. He’s a master carpenter and a very respected teacher who is passionate about the trade and helping people with their careers in the trade. His webinars make the class so much easier to get to if you live far distances and still gives you the full in-the-classroom experience which I personally found very accommodating and useful.

Out of my entire apprenticeship I haven’t been as comfortable with the Math as I am now after taking Richard’s course; it’s simplified in such a way that it was so much easier for me to pick up and remember. If you are asking yourself is this course really worth it, let me tell you yes it really is, as it’s helped me Pass my test and has taught me skills to be a better carpenter than I was before I took it.

Thanks again for all your help buddy you have no idea how much I appreciate it.

Zackery Castellarin
Port Alberni, BC (ZOOM)