After moving from New Zealand to Vancouver 3 years ago, I fell short
on points when I applied for my Permanent Residency. I found that if I
sat my Red Seal Exam (and Passed) my points would put me 4
Levels above where I was and make me more eligible.
I sat the Exam and failed. I was given Richard’s number by two
different friends and rang him straight away. I benefitted from both
going to the Island (where Richard hosted me) and from using his
Live Stream Online ZOOM platform. His knowledge of carpentry, the
construction industry and the Building Code here in Canada is

Rich continued to be on-hand answering the phone anytime of the
day for the following weeks leading up to my Exam. You can really
tell that he takes great pride in helping other tradesmen better our
carpentry journey.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to challenge
the IP Exam for furthering your career and helping open up many
more doors in our industry.

Cheers again Rich~!!

Shayd Margan (#50)
Vancouver, BC