To Whom It May Concern:

During the Fall of 2019, Richard Dickenson of Integrated Carpentry Tutorials invited participation in his course from the local Habitat for Humanity Affiliate. Having recently assumed the role of Project Manager for our rapidly growing affordable housing portfolio, I joined the course to challenge the Carpentry IP Red Seal exam.

Though I had years of carpentry exposure, both residential construction in early life and heavy civil construction as an engineering professional in underground tunnelling, I wanted to expand my formal qualifications in carpentry to facilitate my role in the Habitat for Humanity homeownership model addressing the rapidly growing gap in affordable housing.

Richard worked to guide me through the nuances of the Industry Training Authority (ITA) process, document my qualifying years of experience, and prepare for the exam. His depth of knowledge of the process and the trade were evident, as was his commitment to working professionals and the craft of carpentry.

From my perspective, the Integrated Carpentry Tutorials Red Seal Course is a comprehensive preparatory approach, encompassing in-depth technical applications, thorough familiarity with the building code framework, and strategic exam skills for tradespersons unaccustomed to formal academic testing. This intensive process affirms hands-on experience, provides invaluable technical understanding of building science principles, and engenders powerful camaraderie that collectively bolster participants’ knowledge and confidence for success in the exam and into their continued industry endeavors. I know of no other course like it in Canada, and appreciate the opportunity to sharpen my skills and certify my competencies through this unique program.


Logan Ronhovde, Project Manager
Habitat for Humanity Vancouver Island North