The down-to-earth reality of the Integrated Carpentry Tutorials course made all the difference
for me in the preparation for the ITA Red Seal Carpenter’s exam.

Richard Dickenson’s methods of reviewing and teaching all the relative math, formulas and necessary theory were a huge asset going into the writing of this exam. This course is all about developing your own personal strategy to pass the test.

A talented and experienced carpenter himself, Richard challenges his students to identify and learn all the pertinent and relative information necessary to achieve a better than passing mark, and a higher standard than is expected from the ITA.

I attribute my success in challenging the Inter-Provincial Red Seal exam to the methods and practical wisdom taught by Integrated Carpentry Tutorials and highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to challenge the I.P. exam.

Thank you Richard Dickenson!

Yours Truly,
Robert M. Scarfe
Parksville, BC