Toronto Course

Hello Toronto~Thank you for your interest in my course. 

We have a 7 Module Carpentry Refresher Course specifically designed to help working carpenters with enough hours in the trade to successfully challenge the O.C.O.T. Inter Provincial Red Seal Carpenter Exam.

The course will be held over 3 consecutive weekends. I cover the 7 Modules on the O.C.O.T exam, in 6 days.

Date: Courses are Ongoing ~ Registering now Jan/Feb/Mar/Apr/May/June. For more Info, please Call 250-331-1117
Location: Now available in Live Stream Interactive Online Webinar
Price: $1,200.00 by email transfer or $1250.00 by credit card
Please contact Richard Dickenson for more info: 250-331-1117 or email to:

I am also available for unlimited one-on-one during the week and evenings. All resource materials will be provided.

Payment Options:

Option 1: Pay by Interac E-Transfer.

You may pay via credit card. However, Interac email transfer is preferred and will save service charges.
Please send your payment directly to:

Option 2: Pay online with your credit card.

To purchase this course on our website, please go to our Payments Page.

Ideally, candidates should schedule exam dates with O.C.O.T. to coincide with the completion of the course. In order to take full advantage of so much hard work, you should schedule the exam to be written on the Monday or Tuesday, following the last day of instruction. Candidates have a better success rate when they allow as little time as possible to elapse between taking the course and writing the exam.

I have also found that when the exam is scheduled immediately following the course, the candidates treat the exam as an extension of the course, and they are primed and pumped to git ‘er dun~! My success rate with this model is currently over 90%.

Candidates are advised to get their Trade Equivalency Applications (TEA) in to the O.C.O.T. as soon as possible after registering for the course. Here are the links: Ontario College Of Trades; Application & Info/Links

College level “carpentry refresher” courses only cover the four years of apprenticeship training and will not teach you how to pass the exam~!! Which explains why their success rate is less than 40%.
And, I can’t find any course whatsoever, offered in Ontario.

Once payment is completed I will send you the complete Red Seal Course Prep Package (including textbook) so you can get started prior to the beginning of the course. This will allow you to get right down to business during classroom time, and focus on gaining the skills you need to brush up for the exam.

If you have any questions about this course you you can call me anytime: 250-331-1117