My Name is Tyran Hunter, and this year I was able to finallyachieve my Red Seal Certification, Thanks to Richard Dickenson and his course!

I had had trouble with my first and second attempt at the exam despite my best efforts to study, well in advance. Obviously this was a hit to my confidence, in my study ability and more importantly my confidence as a carpenter.

I was working in Camp at the time and Richard explained that he could still help me despite being in different towns and working shift work, over ZOOM.

Richard Mailed me all the material I needed quickly and we began setting up ZOOM times for me to sit in on his real world classes. I was able to hear what he was teaching, see what he was drawing/writing, ask questions, be asked questions and follow along with him as he explained things in greater detail. As close to actually being there as one possibly could.

Thanks to this option I was able to stay working and still get the classroom experience that anyone else taking the course would get. Any portion of the course I could not be there via ZOOM, Richard kept track of and ensured that i was able to go over any missed portion of recommended class time another week.

My experience with Richard was of the highest quality and he has good character to boot. he made sure that I Received the help I needed to finally get a pass grade of the exam and most importantly help me realize that that was not my skills or knowledge in the field that were lacking it was my interpretation of the questions themselves and gave he me a system to understand.

I would recommend this Course to the people that matter most to me knowing they would be in good hands. Thank you Richard for having this option you are helping change peoples lives for themselves and their families

Thank you. Sincerely,

Tyran Hunter
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