My name is Jason LeBlanc, a Carpenter from Toronto, Ontario. I have been in the carpentry trade for 14 years and like many of my peers, I started my own company and put finishing the Apprenticeship on the back burner.

I finally got my act in gear and got approval by O.C.O.T to challenge the Red Seal Exam. Perfect! But, I realized I haven’t been in a class room for over 10 years, I realized without help there was no way I was going to pass the Red Seal Exam. I began the search for courses, info, reading materials, anything in my area to assist in my prep, and I found nothing.

Through some searching on the internet I came across ICT and reached out and got in contact with Richard, and after speaking with him on the phone I was convinced this was the course I needed in order to prepare myself properly for the challenge ahead. The only thing that worried me was he was in BC and I was in Toronto, so the course would be done through ZOOM.

Once the course started my worries were gone. The ZOOM sessions worked amazing, it gave me the classroom format with the comforts of home, we all got to interact with Richard one-on-one and also had the ability to have class discussions, all while my lunch cooked in the stove~!

I can say without a shadow of a doubt that, without Richard’s course, I would have never passed the Red Seal. And not only Pass, but I have a “fridge worthy” Test Result to show off. I am confident if someone takes this course and puts in the Prep time before the course begins (which Richard provides) and follows Richard’s instructions on how to tackle the Test, you will Pass! Put in the work, follow the format!

Can’t thank Richard enough and will recommend him with confidence to any of my peers.


Jason LeBlanc Red seal Carpenter