Richard Dickenson delivers a great product. The course material is designed to provide the students with all the information they need to succeed at the exam. That being said, it’s how he structures and delivers the material that is the key to the success of the course.

While in no way dumbing down the course, he de-mythologizes it, lessing the intimidation the exam can cause in workers long out of school.

He was able to foster an in-class environment that let students gain the confidence to share mistakes and peer mentor each other, and provide plenty of one-to-one tutoring.

I know, this sounds like a promotional brochure. It was meant to.

From Local 2499’s perspective, we have helped 2 member gain certification; we acquired 2 new members (and counting) and built positive relationships with a dozen local carpenters. And, the publicity has also been great, branding the local as proactive and engaged in the territory.

We have reinforced ties with First Nations and their members. I don’t think I can overemphasize the need for (and benefit of) this type of course in the ‘Communities’. We have also initiated a relationship with the Yukon Department of Advanced Education that could be fruitful. There was great enthusiasm for this course in the department as it specifically addresses the training bottleneck they have identified, namely that there aren’t enough journeyman carpenters to take on and sign off on apprentices. In short, there is strong demand for this program and Richard’s course fits the bill perfectly. We are going to continue offering the course as long as there i demand and he is willing to offer it.

I strongly recommend BCRCC do the same as I’m sure the demographics are the same in lotus-land.

Bill Johnstone,
Secretary Treasurer,
UBC Local 2499
Whitehorse, YT

Bill Johnstone Testimonial