We have 3 former Community College Carpentry Instructors (and current working carpenters…) that have put together a comprehensive refresher program to help working Carpenters and Apprentices gain the skills they need to challenge the I.T.A. Exam and get their Red Seal Certification.

Integrated Carpentry Tutorials Intro

We cover the 7 Modules required by the CCDA Inter Provincial Red Seal Exam:


  1. Common Occupational Skills
  2. Planning and Layout
  3. Concrete
  4. Framing
  5. Exterior Finish
  6. Interior Finish
  7. Renovations

The course costs $1,200.00 and consists of a minimum of 8 hours of instruction per module. * Any student who feels they need extra or remedial instruction can work one-on-one with me during the week. And, any student who has paid and attended a module can come back and re-sit that module as an added refresher, should some time elapse before they write the exam!

There are 4 options available: Weekend courses,
3 Day Courses, Weekday Courses and Camp Courses.

Weekend Course:
3 Consecutive Weekends:
Saturday: 8- 4:30 PM,
Sunday 8-4:30 PM
Three Day Course:
Friday: 8- 4:30 PM,
Saturday: 8- 4:30 PM,
Sunday 8-4:30 PM
Weekday Course: Monday~Saturday: 8:00~4:30
Camp Course: via ZOOM / FaceTime

All resource & reference material will be provided. Candidates will be required to provide their own rafter framing square, (with the Rafter Tables stamped into the blade), a tape measure, and a non-programmable/non-trade specific calculator like the Sharp EL 520 WBB or the Sharp EL 520 X.

We also strongly recommend that where possible, you take the course with a friend.  Not only with this help you to stay motivated to challenge the exam, there is a real bonus studying material with a partner.  The peer-mentoring aspect that invariably happens when you study with a friend leads to a quicker grasp of the material for both candidates.

This course is not a “magic bullet”. Due to recent changes to the content and complexity of the exam by the ITA; it is now a University Level exam. You will need to be focused, committed and motivated to move through the course and successfully challenge the exam. If you can do that, we can do the rest!

Testimonial: Pat Toronto, Toronto, ON (ZOOM)

I struggled with the test on my first try so I reached out to Richard for help. I jumped into a couple of group lessons he had going on and quickly got caught up. He is knowledgable and able to teach what he knows effectively. After a couple of ZOOM sessions with...

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Testimonial: Derek Kyles (Scots) (ZOOM)

As ye ken imagine coming fae Scotland trying tae sit the Red Real wisnae gonna be easy. Then I had a gab with this big Canadian named Richard aboot how I was gonna dae it. Whit can I say about this man, well I can tell ye if ye put in 100% he’ll put in 110%.

Using ZOOM online I wis soon up tae speed wi the exam and how tae pass it. If yer haein problems wi the Red Seal ye would have to be aff yer heid not to go to Integrated Carpentry Tutorials.

Derek fae bonnie Scotland, Fife, Scotland, UK

Testimonial: Derek Kyles (English) (ZOOM)

I can honestly say without Richard there is no way I would have passed the Red Seal exam. Coming from Scotland I struggled to grasp the contents and terminology of the exam. Then I saw this Red Seal Refresher course online and signed up. This was the best decision I‘ve ever made.

Richard is an excellent Tutor, his course is interesting, fun and most of all gets you prepared to sit the exam. I can say at the start I was not sure how good the online ZOOM course was going to be but it was brilliant, I felt like I was in Canada.

The best way to describe Richard is he is one of us; a carpenter and a hell of a smart guy, and for me a friend for life.

Derek Kyles
Fife, Scotland, UK

Testimonial: Curtis Cooke (ZOOM)

Heard about this course from my friend Tim who took it. Figured why not . I honestly believe I wouldn’t have passed without Richard’s course. He’s upfront, no BS and was there whenever I had a question.

I took the course twice, once in person and once over ZOOM. If teachers were as helpful and taught like Richard does when I was a kid, I would have been ticketed a lot sooner.

Thanks again Richard.

Curtis Cooke
Nanaimo, BC

Testimonial: Clayton Brown (ZOOM)

I was fortunate enough to enrol in the refresher course to challenge my RedSeal with Richard Dickenson. The ZOOM classes are great, and I passed first attempt. If you’re serious about your career and want to get it right the first time, go to this course!

- Clayton Brown
Vancouver, BC

Testimonial: Bobby Ridley (ZOOM)

So just wanted to start with saying taking this course was the best decision I could have made to challenge and pass my Red Seal exam. Richard made things very simple through learning how to master the code book, understand the exam’s criteria as well as had no problem teaching me in the areas I was struggling in and making it crystal clear.

I attended the course through Zoom out of my own apartment, and honestly it was awesome. I was a little skeptical about how that would work but ended up having lots of fun going through the course and it was the same as being there.

Also, Richard made sure to pick on everybody to make sure we were getting it, which made myself feel more involved.

By the way, follow the Personal Strategy…it was a game changer.

- Bobby Ridley
Vancouver, BC

Testimonial: Logan Ronhovde

During the Fall of 2019, Richard Dickenson of Integrated Carpentry Tutorials invited participation in his course from the local Habitat for Humanity Affiliate. Having recently assumed the role of Project Manager for our rapidly growing affordable housing portfolio, I joined the course to challenge the Carpentry IP Red Seal exam.

Though I had years of carpentry exposure, both residential construction in early life and heavy civil construction as an engineering professional in underground tunnelling, I wanted to expand my formal qualifications in carpentry to facilitate my role in the Habitat for Humanity homeownership model addressing the rapidly growing gap in affordable housing.

Richard worked to guide me through the nuances of the Industry Training Authority (ITA) process, document my qualifying years of experience, and prepare for the exam. His depth of knowledge of the process and the trade were evident, as was his commitment to working professionals and the craft of carpentry.

From my perspective, the Integrated Carpentry Tutorials Red Seal Course is a comprehensive preparatory approach, encompassing in-depth technical applications, thorough familiarity with the building code framework, and strategic exam skills for tradespersons unaccustomed to formal academic testing. This intensive process affirms hands-on experience, provides
invaluable technical understanding of building science principles, and engenders powerful camaraderie that collectively bolster participants’ knowledge and confidence for success in the exam and into their continued industry endeavors. I know of no other course like it in Canada, and appreciate the opportunity to sharpen my skills and certify my competencies through this unique program.

Logan Ronhovde, Project Manager
Habitat for Humanity Vancouver Island North

Testimonial: Tanner Holtman (ZOOM)

I recently took Richard’s Red Seal Prep course online and I’m very thankful I did. I had the site experience but knew that I would fall short if I walked into the Exam blind. He was able to go through what would be covered on the Exam, simplify it, then work through multiple variations of how it may show up.

Not only that, I became a master at maneuvering through the Code book.

By the time I took the Exam I was confident and could spot a Code question easily and knew where to look for the answer. I scored an 84% on the exam and know that I couldn’t have done it without him.

Doing it online, my hesitation was about whether he could work with a class and over video. To be honest, I forgot there were even people in the room and it almost felt like it was 1-on-1. There was no lack of connection at all and I would highly recommend taking it online, if location is an issue.

A HUGE thank you to Richard, and I can’t recommend him enough. He’s smart, to-the-point to get you to pass, and even funny as hell.

Tanner Holtman, Victoria, BC

Testimonial: Benjamin (Jayme) Hoxie (ZOOM)

At 33 years old, I felt the passion to be more than a skilled labourer. I believed in the ‘TRADES’ and their potential for higher Income levels. My biggest ‘PROBLEM’ became – No Red Seal Certification. Noticing my income level was significantly less because of it, something had to be done. Red Seal Co-workers were earning approx. $12/hr more money, my employer was pleased ‘to pay less for more”, and I knew the onus (one’s duty or responsibility) was on me. Therefore, after receiving my approved ITA challenge application (including: Trade-Related Work Experience: 9,540 hours) I contacted Mr. Richard Dickenson.

If you are reading this Testimonial I implore you to take action! You either have your Red Seal, or you don’t. Acknowledge and accept accountability for your life. You must do what it takes to pass this exam.

Therefore, if you understand your role in creating results; Integrated Carpentry Tutorials live-stream on-line delivery method (ZOOM) is an amazing choice. For my course fee investment(s) I received 58 hours of class instruction and an additional 9 hours of harmonized tutoring (directed towards my learning style) - with Richards support I successfully passed the Red Seal exam. Returning to work on

Monday, October 28th 2019 I now earn $480 a week more money for the same amount of hours.

I am so pleased with this program, I could not have made a better choice! The dedication, patience, and persistence provided by Richard Dickenson is unmatched. This man changed my life. This man changed my bank account. There shall be no more opportunity cost by me not having my Red Seal Certification. Thank you Richard!

Friends for Life.

Benjamin (Jayme) Hoxie Niagara Falls, Ontario (ZOOM)

Testimonial: Ryan and Jessica Haskell Victoria, BC (ZOOM)

Hi Richard,

2463-A Rosewall Crescent,
Courtenay, BC V9N 8R9

We would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for assisting Ryan in receiving his Red Seal. As you know Ryan had been out of school for many years and needed a brush up on exam material. He registered for your course in the spring with hopes of passing his exam this past summer.

Things didn’t quite work out the first go-round and Ryan wasn’t sure if he even wanted to try again. I think there are many trades people that struggle with tests and give up because this disappointment is very hard to handle. Through long afternoon phone calls, ZOOM sessions, in-person study sessions and many, many encouraging conversations, Ryan obtained his Red Seal.

The ZOOM sessions are amazing and personal even if there are 4-5 people on them. The in-person sessions are fun and interactive and you break everything down for many different learning types. We would highly recommend this course and the mentorship that you provide to anyone looking to complete their Red Seal.
Thank you so much for everything you have done for our family.

Ryan and Jessica Haskell Victoria, BC

Testimonial: Zackery Castellarin (ZOOM)

Richard’s course has helped me accomplish a dream and goal I had for myself for a very long time. He’s a master carpenter and a very respected teacher who is passionate about the trade and helping people with their careers in the trade. His webinars make the class so much easier to get to if you live far distances and still gives you the full in-the-classroom experience which I personally found very accommodating and useful.

Out of my entire apprenticeship I haven’t been as comfortable with the Math as I am now after taking Richard’s course; it’s simplified in such a way that it was so much easier for me to pick up and remember. If you are asking yourself is this course really worth it, let me tell you yes it really is, as it’s helped me Pass my test and has taught me skills to be a better carpenter than I was before I took it.

Thanks again for all your help buddy you have no idea how much I appreciate it.

Zackery Castellarin
Port Alberni, BC (ZOOM)